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Why Do We Love Reality Shows?

In the last 10 years, reality shows and talent shows have been on the rise. There are now hundreds of talent reality programs that are trending.

So why have reality shows become bread and butter on many television stations? What is the appeal and why do they keep carrying reviews? What do we like about them?

I think it all depends on the fact that this show allows us as viewers to be a part of the show and create what we see. We can all choose from home and decide who stays and who goes. Technology plays a role here as you can now vote on social networks, as well as by phone or text. Years ago you had the opportunity to see and that was all. You can interact now.

My love for reality started when Big Brother first aired. The idea of bringing 10 or 15 strangers into a house and filming them may sound unappealing, but it makes for a great look because everyone reacts to locks and movies differently. 

Personally, I love the psychology of all of this. I see it the same way a psychologist sees a show when I don't. I find it very interesting to observe people's interactions and behaviour. 

You have nowhere to hide and you will soon actually see other people. It's easy to see when people are lying or manipulating and who might be doing well. 

Good people always win what is good. And the bullies or those with not very good qualities show who they are. This will make you realize that there are many people who are much worse off than us.