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Wholesale Cycling Wear-To Keep You Save On The Road

No matter if you're riding for fitness, fun, or to work as a courier for a bicycle company, there is one thing you need to remember when you collide with another road user. It is usually the cyclist who is most at risk. 

It is crucial to make sure that cyclists are not exposed on the roads. It is better to avoid or prevent dangerous situations than to hope that your helmet will protect you once it is too late and you are taking a tumble. Look for wholesale cycling wear accessories via according to your needs.


First, make sure you are visible. When you're out on the roads, this means that you should wear as many brightly colored cycling shirts as possible. These shirts might not be very attractive or visually appealing, but it doesn't matter. Make sure everyone within 30 feet of you is aware that you are there.

There are many light-reflecting vests available that can be worn over your regular cycling jersey. You can also attach reflective Velcro straps to your wrists. These straps can be used to allow drivers to see your hand signals at night.

Now you know that other road users can see you clearly when you're riding your bike. You can also see where you are going – remember the front headlights and, if you have shortsightedness, don't ever go out cycling without your glasses. 

Personal protection is the last piece of kit that every cyclist should have in case something happens, such as an accident. Wear a helmet! Wearing a helmet will make it much easier to survive a collision. 

After a minor collision, the main danger is the road. Many cyclists are injured or killed by hitting their heads against the road. While elbow and knee pads are not mandatory, it is better to spend your energy and time assessing the risks and dangers rather than relying on protective equipment and pads during an accident that could have been avoided.