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Three Reasons You Should Be Using a Body Scrub Every Week

If you have never used a face and body scrub before, you may not know the benefits of using it regularly for the body. Applying an exfoliator to your body and/or face can have great benefits for your skin as it makes skin brighter, fresher and younger.

Here are three good reasons to use body scrubs every week.


Dry, cracked skin, especially the one we experience in winter, is really just a layer of dead epidermis that hasn't been peeled off. Since we lose skin cells every minute, you need to get rid of the old ones to give off a new glow.

Body scrubs help with their exfoliating components. Apply a small amount of the scrub to your hands and rub it in circular motions on your body or face two to three times a week.

Lighten, young skin

Do you know how a podiatrist removes the gray, dry patches around your heels during a pedicure? And how do your feet feel so much better and healthier without that extra layer? Whole body exfoliation is the same – without all the cells dying, the lighter and newer cells can glow. As a result, you will get a pinkish hue on your body.

Cleaner skin

If you're struggling with dry skin or adult acne, using a scrub can help get rid of both problems, either by removing dry spots or removing toxins and oils from the skin's surface.