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Things You Should Know About Catching A Possum

Possums are creatures that most of us will be familiar with. Opossums bulge and usually build burrows in hollow or borrowed trees that previously housed other animals. While they may look quite attractive at first glance, they are pests, especially when they enter your home.

They are difficult to get rid of once settled and seem willing to accept that their habitat is frequently disturbed. You can also look for the best possum catcher in Penrith by visiting https:/

Emergency Possum Removal Service

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Catching possums is a challenge, and you've probably heard the phrase "play possums." This refers to a creature's involuntary reaction when they are scared and threatened – they simply kill themselves. 

These are far from harmless creatures, and their excavation can be quite destructive. While they are unlikely to attack humans, they are not creatures you would want to feel welcome in your home.

What bait to use in a trap?

Possums will eat almost anything in your trash can, but they usually look for things that tend to smell bad! For example, canned fish and pet food are very popular, while many people say that apples are another great, odorless alternative.

How to stop possums?

It's always a good idea to have some kind of fence, and chicken wire is one of the best options, along with a relatively low price tag.

The fence should be about 4 feet high with the top 12 inches arching from your yard to make climbing more difficult. Electricity the fence also helps, although you may prefer to use a liquid or granular repellent.