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Things to Know About Portable Toilets

Portable Toilets are toilets that are very similar to the toilets in our homes. However, they can be transported. They are lightweight and efficient and are popular at outdoor events like concerts, fairs, and camping facilities.  

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One porta-potty will suffice for 50 people during a 4-hour event

Many factors influence the number of portable toilets required for any event. These factors include the type of event, the number of people attending, alcohol consumption, length of the event, and the ratio of women to men.

The cleaning frequency of a portable toilet varies depending on its usage.

The usage rate will determine the maintenance interval. A portable toilet should be cleaned at least once per week. It is vital to clean the toilets on time and properly. The spread of diseases is easier if the toilets smell. To ensure safe and clean toilets, it is best to work with a licensed, regulated company.

Offers many options for portable toilet businesses

It has many smart waste management options, including one for portable toilets. The Asset Management module allows you to track and monitor your assets, including portable toilets. You can manage incidents and have full control over details like the maintenance of your portable toilet.