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The Damage That Thumb Sucking Causes

Depending on how aggressive and how often the child sucks his thumb, teeth damage can begin as early as five years of age. Some types of teeth damage are:

Overbite: Due to the mismatch between the front teeth and the lower jaw, the child's bite may be exposed and the front and lower teeth may not touch properly.  You can also visit Nipit to buy the best thumb sucking prevention devices for your child.

Skeletal changes: In more severe cases, skeletal changes can occur that damages the placement of a child's teeth. 

Skin problems: Skin Problems with this behavior are not just limited to the mouth or teeth. They can also negatively affect a child's thumb. Sucking, again and again, can damage the skin of the thumb in question. Causes cracked or bleeding skin, calluses, and an increased risk of infection.

Speech Difficulty: Any damage to a child's mouth and teeth can eventually cause significant speech difficulties, voice distortion, and particularly alter your child's ability to pronounce "d" and "t".

Social Issues: Unfortunately, as we all know, some children can be brutal. This behavior – especially in public places – can lead to ridicule and social isolation for children. 

Unfortunately and ironically, this teasing can increase a child's stress and anxiety. This, in turn, can increase the child's desire to suck his thumb.