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Get To Know More About Stones Beverage

Several things are much more significant in life than a glass of Scotch or whiskey served, and most people like to drink it colder. For that, you can add some cubes of ice or Stones Beverage to your drink, and they are in the form of cubed and spherical alternatives to ice, made using materials like stainless steel. The worst portion is that most of them don’t work too well and won’t sustain a chill factor with the same effectiveness as ice.

The Ultimate Guide to Whiskey Stones
Whiskey stones magically floated to the top regarding drinking trends impacting the storm. They have been on shelves for almost a decade now. Some people may be concerned about altering the flavor of their favorite liquor, but for whiskey stones, there is nothing to worry about.

What are Whiskey Stones?
These stones, available in various sizes, are designed to be stored in the freezer and added in shots of whiskey, or Scotch, to chill them without the risk of diluting the drink. However, the best whiskey stones for keeping drinks ice cold are the ones that are made of stainless steel. These chilling steel stones have a gel inside them that freezes, allowing them to stay colder longer. 

While it is true that several drinkers have different tastes and preferences, including some people who prefer to have minimal water added to their drink, and some prefer to pure straight-from-the-bottle taste quickly. 

Redefining On the Rocks 
They were initially made entirely from rock-crystal, a naturally occurring marble rock. Rock crystal is the perfect type of rock to create a whiskey stone due to its delicate beauty. 
Back in time, soapstone was used to create many types of kitchenware, from mixing bowls to a fireplace, so it is a natural fit inside an old-fashioned glass of whiskey. 

New Innovations
Some prefer certain types of whiskey stones over others. For instance, those who prefer stones made of steel claim that the steel stones stay colder for far longer. It is valid for some whiskey stones because they have a freezable gel inside that stays frozen for a little longer than stones made of natural stone. It stainless steel whiskey stone is excellent for an experienced whiskey drinker, but it would be a fantastic way to introduce a new whiskey drinker to using whiskey stones. Some whiskey lovers even go for stainless steel whiskey rocks to be crafted into unique shapes, such as bullet-shaped whiskey stones. 

While most whiskey stones are either cubical or spherical, you will see more unique shapes. These are also called diamond whiskey stones because they are shaped like a classic diamond, and they are slightly bigger and heavier than traditional whiskey rocks.

How to Use Whiskey Stones
Using this unique drink accessory is very simple. Place in the freezer for 4-5 or more hours. When you are ready to have Stones Beverage, place your desired number of whiskey stones into your glass. Reach for your favorite bottle of Scotch or blended whiskey, and pour as usual. The best whiskey stones will last a lifetime, so it is worth the investment.