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3 Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift Ideas In South Wales

When your friend is getting married, it’s an exciting occasion.  Now, gifts are a wonderful way to show your friends that you care about them. But buying gifts when you’re trying to live an eco-conscious lifestyle can be… complicated to say the least. 

You’ve got to research materials used, brand manufacturing practices, and so many other elements of ethical consumerism — all while looking for something that suits the couple’s style! If you are looking for the best dreamy wedding venue in South Wales, then it would be highly advisable to hire a wedding planner via for your wedding venue.

Kitchen Box of Eco-friendly Products

The kitchen is one of the most difficult places to stay eco-friendly. Between take-out containers, paper towels, and so much plastic packaging, it can feel impossible to truly avoid waste. But if you give your friends an eco-friendly box, they’ll have wax food wraps, a dish soap bar, a natural loofah sponge, and more — everything they need for a truly green kitchen. 

Linen Napkin Set for Two

Whether you’re planning a dinner party with friends or a simple meal for two, linen napkins can always elevate your tablescape. Gifting your friend a nice set is a great way to avoid paper waste and help them make every meal feel special.  

Coconut Bowls & Spoon Set for 2

If you want your friends’ meals to be both sustainable and stylish, there’s no better gift than an all-natural coconut bowl. This set even includes a pair of spoons, so your friends can enjoy an eco-friendly meal in sustainable bowls to match!

Acacia Wooden Utensil Set 

Your friends’ eating utensils shouldn’t be the only things in their kitchen both stylish and eco-friendly. This set of acacia wood cooking utensils includes two spatulas and a slotted spoon, soup spoon, and serving spoon — everything they’ll need for a lovely and sustainable mise en place.