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What Is A Shared-Use Commercial Kitchen?

The term commercial kitchen refers to facilities designed and constructed according to current sanitary norms and standards with running water, suitable sanitary facilities, and suitable surfaces for food production. 

These facilities must meet minimum building standards in food preparation and adjacent areas to enable food business operators to comply with state or federal processing regulations. You can also look for the best industrial kitchen share through various online sources.

Shared use commercial kitchens often have multiple cooking areas, cold and dry storage, professional equipment, and sanitation programs in place so multiple food companies can work at the same time. 

Members can rent the existing infrastructure on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis to build and manage their food store. 

Many terms are generally used to represent shared-use commercial kitchens, such as accelerator, incubator, community kitchen, Food Center, or Food Innovation Center. 

Advantages of commercial kitchens for general use

When starting a business, food contractors face several start-up costs, such as buying or building a facility, setting up a facility with commercial equipment, providing tools/utensils, and paying a down payment to a utility company. 

The cost of building a commercial kitchen can be as high as $100 to $300 per square foot. Shared-use commercial kitchens can help overcome this financial burden on small food companies.

Ultimately, shared-use facilities produce sufficient commercial kitchen space, with the least capital investment, so local food contractors may try out new products in the market and limit the effect of potential product failure.