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Distinguish Between Organic and Non-Organic Food

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When it comes to learning about the various types of foods, organic and non-organic are probably the two most popular types. Due to their popularity, choosing one between the two can be confusing provided you don’t have any clue. Here are a few pointers to distinguish between organic and non-organic food.

  1. Non-Organic Food – Non-organic food is a type of food that is produced by the use of chemicals. Chemicals like herbicides, pesticides and insecticides are a few used for the production of non-organic food. Moreover, the same chemicals play a role to get rid of pests, insects, weeds etc.
  2. Organic Food – Organic food is a type of food produced by the use of chemicals but in little amounts. It is the natural compounds like manure and compost that helps in the production of this type of food. Moreover, organic food is produced by using crop rotation, tilling, mulching and hand-wedding which are simpler methods. In fact, pests, insects, and weeds are removed by using traps, insects and birds.

Here are some of the differences between organic and non-organic food.

  1. At the time of producing organic food, it helps the soil. The soil tends to remain fertile for a longer duration rather than drying out quickly and easily. This is possible due to the organic farming technique that uses manure and compost as natural fertilizers.
  2. Due to the use of the organic farming technique, this technique benefits the environment by allowing more water to get saved, producing less pollution, conserving more energy and so on.
  3. Consuming organic foods is beneficial to our health as it contains a rich amount of nutrients along with richer flavors and taste.

Therefore, consider focusing more on consuming organic foods in Brisbane from stores.

Health and Fitness

Introduction to Organic Foods

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Foods that uses natural fertilizers while avoiding the use of hormones, artificial substances, chemicals, GMO’s and more is called as organic food. Instead of relying on chemicals and other substances, organic food is produced with the help of organic farming which is relatively a simpler technique. Moreover, natural fertilizers like compost and manure are usually used for producing this type of food. In fact, natural fertilizers are known to be a friend to the environment offering many benefits. Now, let’s understand a few things about organic foods.

  1. Organic Food Contain Low Levels of Nitrate –All food producing techniques rely on chemicals like nitrate in large amount. However, using such chemical offers the food a natural looking resemblance. But this chemical offer zero benefits to our body. Organic farming also uses nitrate however, it is used in small amount during the time of producing organic food. In fact, the natural fertilizers such as manure and compost are capable of producing good quality organic food.
  2. Organic Food Contain Good Levels of Vitamins and Antioxidants –Consuming food that has high levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants is absolutely crucial. This is exactly organic foods are known for their high source of such vitamins and antioxidants giving better flavors to the food but also helps the food to last longer. Moreover, organic food gives you a wide range of selecting other types such as vegetables, cereals, and fruits. Consuming such type of food helps us to stay in better shape.

Based on the introduction of organic food, you should consider investing in food that is organic in Brisbane.