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Varieties of Landscape Lights

Landscape lighting can be categorized into two types: general landscape lighting and accent landscape lighting. General landscape lighting is used to illuminate the entire landscape while accent landscape lighting is used to light specific features or areas of the landscape. There are many different types of LED landscape lights that are available on the market, and each has its own set of benefits. 

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One of the most common types of landscape lights is the traditional ground-mounted light. These lights are usually placed at a lower height than traditional floodlights and are designed to provide broader coverage. They are also less expensive than floodlights and can be used to light up larger areas. 

Another type of landscape light is the spotlight. Spotlights are typically smaller in size than ground-mounted lights and are designed for highlighting specific areas or features in the landscape. They are also more expensive than ground-mounted lights, but they offer greater control over the area that they light up. 

The use of landscape lighting has many benefits, both practical and aesthetic. Here are a few of the most common: 

-It can improve security. Landscape lighting can make it easier to see in dark areas, increasing the chances that someone will be able to be seen and safe.

-It can increase the attractiveness of a property. By adding light to areas that might be shadowed or dark, landscape lighting can make a property look more inviting and inviting for potential buyers or renters.