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The Role Of Indian Classical Dance In Education

Dance is the art of movement of our body and mind. It is a method of worship, through which one can attain the Almighty. It is a type of Yoga. A dancer can only reach this stage through continuous training i.e. 'Sadhana'. So, in my view, for the child who wants to learn dance, the first thing she has to do is undergo professional dance training programs from which she will learn discipline and patience which are the most important factors in a child's life.

The second thing is the total body movement of a dancer so that a child has her complete physical fitness and gets control over the body. The third thing, dance is a mode of expression of our inner feelings.  In that way, she will develop self-belief and self-confidence. The fourth thing, Indian Classical Dance is based on mythology & puranas.

So when a child learns to dance, she is bound to know the story of Mahabharata, Ramayana, Bhagavat Geeta, Shiv Purana, immortal books of Mahakavi Kalidas etc. In this way, she can also learn the great Indian Literature. Thus her knowledge will be enhanced. Fifth thing, when a child learns Indian classical dance, she will automatically come to know about the rich cultural heritage of India.

 True culture includes all these aspects and a cultured man ought to show development along all these four lines. It is therefore obvious that education in aesthetics is as essential if not more than mere intellectual or physical education.