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How To Take On Renovations In A Semi-detached House?

A semi-detached house (semi for short) is a single-family residence that is attached to its direct neighbor on one side through a common wall.

If you’re considering embarking on a renovation in a semi-detached house, it’s critical to keep your attached neighbor in the know from the start. It’s also important to realize there are limitations to what work can be done—especially when compared to a traditional detached home. You can also look for the best architect detached house via

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For small jobs, like installing new kitchen cabinets, it’s not necessary to get the neighbors involved. However, it can help foster goodwill if you inform them a minor reno is in the works, especially if hammering and noise are involved.

When it comes to aesthetic changes, consider consulting your neighbor. For instance, communicate your plans to paint your home a new color or to swap out metal railings for a custom-wood porch. 

When considering a renovation or remodel, keep in mind that because semis have a shared structural wall, fewer windows can be installed and this can impact the flow of natural light in the home. 

In a freehold townhome, you may be restricted to the type of renovation you can complete to the exterior facade. However, almost all cosmetic updates to the interior of the unit are not restricted.