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All About Hand-Tufted Wool Rug

The art of rug making has grown and evolved over the years. Where once each strand had to be hand-knotted into the rug, today power looms make it possible to create rugs in a matter of minutes. However, rugs produced on looms are of lower quality and have less value than more traditionally handmade wool carpet

These rugs are made by hand by pushing a loop of thread through the backing of the rug. The pattern for the rug is typically transferred onto this backing so that the artisan can tell when it is time to change color. It is possible to add value to a room with a hand-tufted wool rug.

Hand tufting a rug will usually not take as long as hand-tying each individual knot. However, this is a process by which the rug is made completely by hand and is therefore of higher quality and value than those mass-produced using power equipment.

Another benefit of the hand tufting process is that the consumer can supply any pattern that he/she feels would make an attractive rug and have it reproduced in whatever size rug is desired. 

This means that a hand-tufted wool rug can truly be a unique creation chosen by the consumer and produced by the artisan or the customer can choose from a traditional pattern and know that even if there are 100 other rugs of the same pattern, no two are exactly identical.

Handmade rugs are always more expensive than those mass-produced using machines. For some, a hand-tied rug is considerably more expensive than they can afford or are willing to pay.