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Hand Blown Glass Art and Sculpture

Hand-blown and fused glass is one of the more difficult techniques of glass-making requiring years of training, precision, and dedication to the art. Once the glass has been shaped, it can be decorated using various finishing techniques. Our items are handcrafted either blown or fused and made of the highest quality of materials.

Hand-crafted glass items are incredibly beautiful pieces of art, exhibiting both style and class bridging between form and functionality. All of our items are hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces of glass art, made by the top artists in the hand-blown and fused glass fields. Craftsmen from around the world are brought together here at Best Glass Online to bring you the best selection of hand-crafted glass items anywhere.

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Select a hand-crafted glass item today for that special table or bookshelf in your home. Hand-blown and fused glass makes a special gift for any member of your family or that special friend in your life. Hand-blown and fused pieces are meant to be a gift for a lifetime. So start your family heirloom today by beginning or adding to a blown glass or fused glass collection.

Your hand-picked collection will span the world and enrich your home or give as a gift the home of someone special in your life. A perfect hobby you can begin and do right from the comfort of your home while enriching your life. Your family and friends will be amazed at your ability to select hand-blown glass and fused glass pieces from around the world making your home a showpiece.