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How To Treat Dog Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in dogs is one of the most common issues you may encounter. You should help your dog if he or she exhibits separation anxiety symptoms such as barking, shaking, and destruction of furniture. The symptoms of separation anxiety will only get worse if you don't take action.

Solving separation anxiety in dogs can also be done by the dog separation anxiety behaviorist. They can train and help your dogs with anxiety issues.

Dog separation anxiety

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You can use Behavior Modification Exercises to replace anxious behavior with calm behavior. If your dog is anxious about you putting on your shoes, it's best to do this more often even when you are not leaving the house. 

You will be able to stop your dog from identifying by the shoes as to whether you are leaving or not. One of the best ways to solve separation anxiety in dogs is to keep them calm before you leave.

When you begin to treat your dog, you will need to establish some ground rules. If your dog is expecting to be petted, ask them to sit down first. If they refuse to sit, you can ignore them. 

There are medications for dogs suffering from severe separation anxiety. Clomicalm is one of the most popular medications. Although it takes several weeks for Clomicalm to kick in, it can reduce anxiety symptoms. Natural remedies are able to keep your dog calm and relaxed in cases of severe separation anxiety.