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The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Craft Beer

Craft beer is growing faster than ever and that means more and more people want to be a part of this delicious beer movement. If you are in search of a first-rate craft beer pack hop over

But craft beer can be confusing and even a little overbearing and scary, depending on where you buy your drink. This can cause many of us to make several mistakes. Here are the most common.

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IPA Purchase Only 

Indian Pale Ale is definitely the style of drink that puts categories on the map, but there are plenty of other delicious drink options these days, so experiment with what you have. Don't be the one to just say, "I'll take whatever IPA you have."

Taking No Advantage of Mixed Case 

More and more beer shops are allowing consumers to mix and match their six-packs instead of buying the same six beers. Take advantage of it! This is a fantastic way to explore and discover new styles, just make sure the six mixed packs are not the six different IPAs.

Think Canned Beer Is Inferior

Craft beer has embraced the can, and you should do the same. While many macro brewers have ingrained in their minds that cans are cheap, they are one of the best vessels for protecting and preserving your beer. While a glass bottle allows light into the beer, a can does not, and it is also easier to transport and open — a bonus!

Choose Things You Know 

You may have a craft beer brand or two that you like, but like IPAs, branch out a bit. If you're in another city, try the beers that are popular in the area. Test. While it's a good idea to have a brand you like more than others, try something new from time to time.