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Guide To QuickBooks Inventory Control

Besides QuickBooks, why do you need inventory control software to run your business? When doing daily inventory, tracking inventory data can quickly become redundant without inventory software tracking software data such as items received and the location and number of items once received.

Using the warehouse or inventory management software built into QuickBooks will provide an accurate and efficient system for controlling the inventory aspects of a business, such as warehouses or warehouse bases. Integrated system requirements can be determined based on the use of quickBooks accounting control software, inventory size, and budget.

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How are you currently using the QuickBooks software? If you are a warehouse manager, inventory control software is recommended in addition to accounting software for effective inventory management.

Paper methods for tracking inventory receipts, inventory movements, serial numbers, units, and cycle counts cannot handle large or constantly increasing inventory quantities.

With a suitable Warehouse Management System (WMS) that comes with the QuickBooks attachment, you can:

1. Close the order after receiving the shipment

2. Get QuickBooks sales orders and upload them to the WMS software

3. To prepare invoices

4. After the order is selected, close the sales order

Warehouses of any size will ultimately benefit from using a warehouse management system. Features like counting, barcode labeling, and physical counting keep each warehouse on track.

However, size can determine the additional features you need. Small warehouses or warehouses may not require a wireless warehouse management system or additional features such as pick-and-place sorting. Take, base cubing, fill and select zones.