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Key Points on Cancer and Integrative Medicine

If you or someone you know has been touched by cancer, here's what you need to know as you seek healing options. Healing from cancer demands therapies that are created to address the essential, fundamental nature and holistic value of all that comprises you, your health and well-being.

There are many causes for cancer – physiological, biochemical, environmental, energetic and emotional. For each person these causes come together in ways that are unique to that person.

While the name or the stage of the diagnosis may be the same, no two cancers are the same for any two people. Healing from cancer requires much more than just fighting it. You can also buy the best integrative medicine through various online sources.

There is no single magic bullet for cancer. When we get the toxins out of the body, replenish the basic nutrients that Nature has meant for us to use, strengthen the immune system and let the mind believe that we can heal – it is amazing what the body will do. Therefore a one-size-fits-all treatment approach doesn't work. 

1. When it comes to treating people who have been diagnosed with cancer, conventional medicine is built around a model of "fighting" cancer. This concept is hidden under the dangerous and unspoken assumption that the mind and body can and should be treated as if they were separate from each other. If that were true, then with enough money and laboratory research we would be able to find ways to control the body and then at last we would able to control cancer.

2. That is why there has been so little progress made in "fighting" cancer. One does not recover from cancer by "fighting" it. We cannot separate the mind from the body and then control the body. Although conventional medicine uses treatments and therapies for cancer that are forceful, healing cannot be "forced" upon the body.

3. The inescapable truth is that our minds and bodies are one. They cannot be separated. Healing the body must begin with healing the mind. This is just as true for cancer as it is for many other chronic conditions.

4. While Integrative Medicine uses conventional medical drugs and other therapies in the safest ways available, it also looks at the mind and body as the whole and integrated complex that it is.