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Understanding the Process of Risk Management at an Excavation Site

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Construction and excavation works aren’t free from risks because of the tasks and equipment involved. However, professionals do have pre-defined procedures and measures in place to minimize the threat to life and property. If you are planning to hire an earthmover, make sure you verify that all these risk management steps are being followed.

Risk Identification

It all begins with knowing the type of risks at the concerned project site. Excavation work can involve various risks like falling objects or onsite, ventilation or chemical inhalation problem, and unstable ground among others. The earthmoving specialist should visit the site before starting the work to analyse the risks.

Risk Assessment

Once expected hazards are known, next comes an evaluation of how deadly they can be. This covers finding the source and who will be in the danger zone. The assessment part also covers verifying the effectiveness of current control measures in place. Weather conditions, forecasts, depth, and time of excavation should also be taken into account.

Plan Implementation

After the evaluation part, the earthmover should create a plan that ensures a safe excavation. Its implementation should start with this step.


Once implemented, the professional must keep an eye on everything on the plan. In case of anything going the unplanned way, the earthmover should immediately act and make necessary modifications to the risk management plan.

In short, the service provider should be well-equipped and responsible for managing the risk as well as executing the job effectively. When you start selection for an Earthmoving hire in Brisbane, you must ask for a plan to know if everything’s covered.