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Suggested Aftercare Guidelines For Body Piercing

The piercing spray will help clean all of your piercings and body modifications. It helps to safely remove dry secretions and lymphatic secretions when applied to your piercings and body modifications every 3-4 hours.

The combination of sea salt and lysozyme produces the optimal solution to decrease healing time and eliminate the nasty problems that are common when working with new piercings. You can also buy piercing aftercare spray to get it cleaned properly. To get more details about piercing spray you may see it here.

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Wash your hands thoroughly with liquid soap and hot water before touching with or near the healing piercing area. Never touch your healing piercing with dirty hands. This is important to avoid infection. Also, never pull on a healing nail piercing.

The piercing should be cleaned twice a day during the initial healing period. You always want to wash your piercing medicine out of the shower with a sterile saline solution.

To clean your piercing, spray a saline solution at the inlet and outlet of your piercing. To remove any remaining residue, you can soak a cotton swab in a saline solution and carefully brush the area with a cotton swab in the semicircle of the jewelry.

After cleaning, dry the area carefully with a clean, disposable paper product. Check with clean hands twice a day to see if your jewelry is safe. When wearing threadless jewelry, make sure your ends are firmly attached to the holder. If you wear threaded jewelry, make sure your ends are securely attached to the ladder (left loose, right tight).