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Some Common Dental Emergencies

Pain is probably the number one cause for emergency dental care. The pain can come from the teeth, surrounding gum tissue, or both. The most common causes of toothache are tooth decay or cavities.

Like tooth decay, loss of fillings or other dental restorations causes similar pain symptoms. Gum pain is often felt around wisdom teeth that are partially erupted. You can also get the best services of emergency dental extraction via in Leesburg.

In such situations, the pain is the result of the build-up of food and bacteria under the tissue valves that cover part of the erupted wisdom tooth. Such buildup of bacteria causes infection and significant levels of pain as a result of inflammation of the gum tissue around wisdom teeth.

Emergency dental care consists of irrigating the area under the gum caps and prescribing antibiotics. Although such treatment will relieve pain, the relief is usually temporary. If the wisdom tooth is not removed, the toothache can come back.

Another type of dental emergency occurs when a tooth stops. When the tooth stops in a way that affects the dentin structure beneath the enamel, patients complain of sensitivity to cold, as well as the sharpness of the broken edges.

Although emergency dental treatment may be limited to smoothing the sharp edges of the tooth, it may need to be properly restored depending on the fracture rate of the section.