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Sewer Line Repairs in Vancouver and New Technology

Repairing a broken sewer line is one of the more disagreeable responsibilities of home ownership. Unlike many repairs, they can not be put off since the most important symptom for a broken sewer line-a bronchial sewage odor that may be constant or intermittent-is more than a lot of folks can manage! 

Leaking sewage also poses a health hazard as it drains into surrounding dirt and might even wind up in town water supply, depending upon your water table. Sewer line repairs in Vancouver used to be a very messy task. Plumbers would call in contractors with backhoes to discover the yard or drive so that they are able to easily get into the problem space and substitute the lines that are damaged.

sewer line repair

Only one pit is dug at your house to access the damaged area, thus there's not any trench to spoil the yard or driveway. A new pipe is inserted into the hold and into the old pipe, and this can then burst and pull out. This method, called pipe exploding, is most often used in residential areas.

The other trenchless system, pipe liner, demands one hole. A plumber inserts a flexible, resin-coated tube into the pipe and also inflates it. While the resin hardens, it creates a fresh pipe within the old one. This approach isn't attainable for every situation; an experienced plumber may evaluate whether or not it's a viable alternative.

Plumbers determine where damage lies by inspecting drains through snaking a video camera down the pipes and out into the sewer line. If the damaged little bit of line is present out of your property line, the bill would go to your homeowners association or municipality. However, whether it's within your property, you pay.