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Men’s Wallets – A Quick Guide to Functional Styles

Men’s wallets come in a variety of functional styles. In addition to the increasingly popular bi-fold and tri-fold models, there are also credit card holders, money clip wallets, front pocket wallets, and chain wallets. Whether you are choosing a wallet for yourself or as a gift for a man, it is important to know what style options there are and what benefits they offer.

Functional style should be considered before worrying about what material the wallet is made of or the brand name of the wallet. This article gives a brief overview of the most popular functional styles of men’s wallets.


As the name suggests, a bifold is a wallet that folds in half. Usually stored in the back pocket.


This wallet has three panels instead of two. Trifolds are usually not as wide as doubles, but thicker. Usually stored in the back pocket.

Credit Cards

Credit card wallets are usually double, but longer than the regular double. Some credit card holders fit in a back pocket, others are too long and need to be stored in a jacket pocket. Credit card holders are for the guy who has a lot of credit cards and likes to carry them everywhere.

Money clip

A money clip wallet is like a money clip attached to the outside of a wallet. Money clips hold cash while wallets hold lots of credit cards, driver’s licenses and other essentials. Money clip wallets are usually kept in the front pocket.

Front Pocket

Front pocket wallets are slimmer than standard wallets, making them convenient to carry in a front pocket. Some styles are curved to fit the curves usually found in the front pocket of jeans.

Most men carry their wallets in their back pockets. However, this can lead to poor posture and lower back problems. Front pockets or money clips can help improve posture and reduce back pain.