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Importance Of Maintaining Boilers

Some people are fortunate enough to live in homes that use an efficient hot water boiler as a heat source. They were widespread in the far northeast a few years ago, and some houses still have them today.

When heating your home with a hot water boiler, you need to understand the importance of regular maintenance of your system. But if it needs to be replaced then there are many sources of boiler replacement like that can be considered.

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Routine inspection

You must schedule regular maintenance checks by a qualified professional. Depending on the system, this may need to be checked annually or every two or three years. In general, steam systems require more maintenance than other types of hot water boilers.


You can accomplish some things on your own. Of course, before trying out any of these procedures, consult a professional. The best time to do this may be the annual professional exam.

– Air blow – you need to vent trapped air from the radiator at regular intervals. Each cooler has an exhaust valve and you can simply open that valve to allow air to escape as water exits the valve. The air is removed.

– Pressure – If you notice heat loss, there may be a water pressure problem. Hot water boilers must operate at 12 psi. If your pressure gauge shows lower pressure, you will need to add water to the device.

– Cleaning – Your heat exchanger and burners can be inserted and must be cleaned.