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HVAC: What You Should Know About Remodelling, Commissioning And Maintenance

Remodelling and commissioning HVAC systems is a process that needs to be followed carefully in order to ensure the system is working properly and meeting your heating, cooling, and ventilation needs. The following are some of the procedures you should follow: 

1. Plan your project – Before starting any remodelling or commissioning work on your HVAC system, make sure you have a plan. This will help you understand what is needed and know where to start. For more information you can also navigate online to

2. Get the right permits – If you are doing any remodelling or commissioning work on your HVAC system, you will need to get permits from the municipality in which your home is located. You may also need special permits if you are doing any work that affects the indoor air quality of your home.

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3. Check for leaks – One of the most common problems with HVAC systems is water leaking from them. Make sure to check all pipes, joints, and other areas where water could be leaking. If there are any signs of leaks, fix them right away.

4. Check for air quality – Another common problem with HVAC systems is poor air quality. Make sure to check all ductwork and registers to make sure that the air coming out of them is clean and unbreathable. Some older homes may have outdated ductwork that may need to be replaced with updated ones.

5. Have your system serviced – Your system should be serviced every year by a professional HVAC technician. They will make sure that everything is running as it should, and will perform routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning filters, installing new filters or rechargeable batteries for any backup systems and checking for leaks or damaged parts. If you see any major problems, be sure to let the technician know so they can take care of them right away!