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How to Select Lawn Aerators – Get It Right the First Time

A lawn aerator is a very important tool for maintaining grass, both large and small. They work on the principle that the soil must have holes in it to allow nutrients, air, and water to enter, allowing the grassroots to absorb it easily and produce healthy grass. The aeration process helps eliminate page compaction caused by heavy use and prevents your pages from looking thin, brown, or wrinkled. You can also hire the best lawn care professionals through the internet.

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There are various types of aerators to choose from depending on your needs. Some aerators make very small holes in the grass, while others make inner holes of larger circumference. They are also available at various costs and efficiencies. Another factor to consider before buying is the frequency of use with which they will be used. You can choose a smaller aerator if you only plan on using it in your yard.

The tiniest on the market are lawn aerator shoes. This is a shoe with specially created spikes in the sole that you can wear while walking the yard. Your weight will help you push the quills to the ground and aerate the soil. This procedure is best done if you have a small lawn and can easily walk on it.

Many people use these shoes as a training aid when caring for their lawns, and lawns can easily be aerated several times a week without much trouble. Hand aerators are also very popular with homeowners who like to care for small pieces of grass.

Choosing a lawn aerator is a very easy task these days as it is possible to go online and make detailed comparisons of the various options available before actually selecting one.