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How To Find A Freelancer Web Developer Job

Today, the Internet is awash with opportunities. Increasingly, people are doing what was unthinkable some few years ago — find freelance jobs in front of their computers at the comfort of their homes. There are some companies like Essential Staff that provide freelancing jobs.

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For example, when you google the search query, "freelance jobs near me", the search engine would turn up lots of results — location-based freelance websites such as a file being among them. With it, you can find a freelancer job – there's plenty of opportunity in web development jobs.

Let's look at what you need to consider to find a freelancer web developer job:

Ensure You have a Mastery of a Popular Language of Your Choice

It's the first thing to do when you intend to find a freelancer job. This Is especially so if you're starting out, and you don't have any idea about how to choose a language. Depending on your aspirations — whether you want to become a front-end or back-end developer or both — you've to choose a language that'd position you as a marketable candidate. 

This's a very crowded marketplace, although it remains lucrative. The most popular front-end development languages you need to master include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The back-end developer languages include Ruby on Rails (RoR), Java, PHP, SQL, ASP.NET, and Python.

If you want to find a freelancer Android app development opportunity, consider mastery of any of the following:

  • Java (difficult to learn)

  • Kotlin (easy to learn)

  • PhoneGap (cross-platform)

  • C/C++ (game development)

  • C# (game development)

  • BASIC (easy but powerful)

  • Corona/LUA (cross-platform)