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How Important Is It Support for the Company?

A recent survey was conducted of senior IT professionals, to search out what is most vital when it comes to IT support, so you could learn from their expertise.

Why would You need outsourced IT support?

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The IT professionals surveyed made it clear that there have been three key reasons they might source their IT support:

  • Essential 24/7/365 support:- Businesses do not simply operate 9-5 anymore – the world is often watching and may want to form to make a purchase at any time. That's perhaps why over forty percent of respondents said that being able to pick up the phone for IT support cover any time was a very important reason to outsource their IT support.
  • Cost:- Nearly forty percent of respondents cited reduced cost as the main reason for outsourcing IT support. Keeping a professional on-staff 'just in case' can get high-priced, while multi-vendor support contracts may also increase your IT support costs over time.
  • Specialist experience:- Almost forty percent of respondents said that a requirement for specialist experience in business IT support would be a significant reason for outsourcing their IT support

What are the foremost important qualities of an exceedingly great IT support provider?

By and large, the response to the current question mirrors the key reasons most businesses look to outsource their IT support in the first place: responsiveness (70%), cost (60%), and experience (82%).