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How Can You Help A Child With Dyslexia

A child with dyslexia may feel that they are behind at school and that their work is inadequate despite their best efforts to keep up, which, understandably, can be very stressful and frustrating for them. 

They may even become emotionally withdrawn or exhibit behavioral problems due to the stress that their condition can cause. As a parent, there are a number of things you can do to help your child cope with dyslexia. Mostly, it’s a matter of working together to find strategies that will allow them to succeed and meet their potential at school. There are various dyslexia awareness resources for all that can help you in curing dyslexia.

Build their confidence and self-esteem

Dyslexia often makes children think that they’ve fallen short, so it’s important to help them rebuild their self-esteem. There are a number of ways to do this.

Offer frequent praise and rewards

For a dyslexic child’s spelling, reading, and writing to improve, they need to believe in their ability to succeed. As such, offering plenty of praise, rewards, and reassurance can be very effective in terms of building their confidence back up.

Most children are reluctant to spend time studying outside of school hours, and the prospect is likely to be even less appealing for those with a learning difficulty. So, remember to offer plenty of verbal praise and rewards after home study sessions. 

Reward charts are a fantastic way to motivate your children to study because they offer a very clear way for them to keep track of their progress. Children will love our free colorful reward chart, which features all their favorite busy things characters and can be used to help them achieve any of their study goals.