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Home Care Explained – Everything You Need to Know About Home Care

Home Care – Who Needs It?

Everyone needs care at some point in their life; from little babies to a hundred-year-olds and everyone in between. Most of the time when we need care, our family and friends take care of it. However, some people need more care than family and friends can afford.

 In these cases, the person in need of care (care recipient) is often a young mother, disabled, weak age, serious illness, or psychological problem. You can easily hire traditions home health services in Boston, Massachusetts from Traditions Home Health Services.

Home care – what is it?

There are a variety of services and support that come under the home care banner. In short, this type of treatment is what the person cannot do alone. Below are some of the most important with brief descriptions:

• Personal Hygiene – Refers to all care services related to the personal hygiene of a resident. Personal care assistance may include; Assist with bathing or showering, dressing, using the toilet, changing continence medications, shaving, applying lotions and cosmetics, washing hair, and brushing teeth.


• Nursing – Refers to home care that must be provided by a registered nurse. May include: medication monitoring, wound dressings, injections, and treatments.

• Case Management – Case Management involves a comprehensive assessment and development of a treatment plan in conjunction with the case manager. Case management can be short or long-term depending on the needs and requirements of the patient.

Home Care – Who Pays?

Depending on the state you live in, there may be government-funded programs to help you pay for home care. Some health insurance companies may cover some of these costs – check with your insurance company for more information.