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Get Heavy Vehicle Safety Using GPS Tracking Solutions

If heavy vehicles get involved in a crash the impact can be more severe due to their mass increases the force. Thus, GPS tracking provides the transportation industry with efficient solutions to monitor drivers' actions and chain of responsibility to ensure safety on the roads. You can now easily find the best GPS solutions online. 

Improve Driver Safety with GPS Fleet Tracking -- Occupational Health & Safety

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Here's how:

1. Security: Security before the start of a shift Reduce risks by early detection. Most GPS tracking applications provide suitable for duty declarations as well as pre-departure checks that take drivers through a set of custom-designed safety standards prior to starting an actual shift. If any issue is detected, the alert will be immediately communicated to the supervisor via SMS or email and the driver will not be able to begin the shift until the issue is resolved.

2. Reducing speed: Speed is the main contributor to collisions with vehicles. Trailers loaded with cargo travel 20-40% longer than cars to stop, and even more in the event of roads that are slippery and wet. With two-way communication, managers can give drivers real-time feedback on their performance as drivers to allow them to make adjustments immediately and increase their safety on the roads.

3. Fatigue Management: Fatigue management for drivers is inexplicably difficult. It can affect anyone at any time. No matter how knowledgeable the driver may be the driver's skill will be able to overcome the natural desire to sleep. The truck driving industry ignores the natural pattern of sleep, and many long-haul trips go through the night. the night, and into the early morning. Therefore an effective way to manage fatigue is essential for the safety of heavy truck drivers.