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Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures For Smile In Singapore

There are different types of cosmetic dental procedures that can be performed to make the smile looks attractive and beautiful.

Dental Crown: A dental crown is a dental cap that is attached to the tooth to cover it. This can prevent a weak tooth from breaking, hold the part of the tooth that is cracked, heal the broken tooth, and keep the bridge in place. Dental crowns can also cover discolored dental implants and teeth.

Dental implants: They are a great solution for missing teeth. Titanium root devices for dentistry are used to restore missing teeth or dentures.

Gummy smile: Gum Lift is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that lifts and reshapes the gum line to create a more symmetrical appearance of the teeth, making your smile more artistic.

Dental bridges: It helps to replace missing teeth or dentures to fill the gap between one or more teeth.

Teeth whitener: As the name implies, teeth will be whitened to produce a brighter smile. Teeth or teeth whitening is done to whiten teeth or sets of teeth that are discolored, reduce discoloration, or simply give you brighter, whiter teeth.

Veneers: They are used to wrap around the front of the teeth to change and improve the appearance of the teeth.

You can get one or more cosmetic dental procedures you need. You should contact us with any questions and arrange a consultation about the correct procedure to meet your dental care and enhancement needs.