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Converting Audio Files Using Fast MP3 Converter

Have you ever made backups of your CD and wondered if these files could somehow be made smaller? It is actually quite easy to convert your audio files into smaller mp3 files that you can use on your mp3 player anywhere you go. All you need is a Free online mp3 converter. When you find and open this program you simply need navigate to the file (s) you want to convert and select them and click "open".

On the next screen you can select the format you want to convert to. You can also change the bitrate as you want. Remember that the lower bitrate will result in a small file size, but also affects the quality negatively. When you have set the settings you want, select a folder to save the converted file to. Now, all you have to do is click on "Convert". Let mp3 converter do the rest!

As a rule, do not use a lower bitrate than 56KB, as this would produce a very poor quality. To get a feel on how bitrate settings effect the output file you will have to do some experimenting.

Making mp3 files smaller

If you only want to make mp3 files smaller,all you have to do is select mp3 as both source and output file and change the bitrate to a lower value. This will make a lot more mp3s fit on your mp3 player.

Please note! that if you change the bitrate of the output file and delete the source file, you will not be able to convert back to the original quality!