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Aquarium Pumps Explained – Basics Of Using Them

Although an aquarium pump is not necessary, it is useful as it provides the fish with plenty of oxygen. The pump is mounted on a long stone with a very small hole and connected by a long pipe. The pump creates bubbles in the water which supply the fish with lots of oxygen.

The resulting bubbles make the aquarium look attractive. An aquarium pump is available as a decorative piece as a treasure chest opener. You can also buy ai nero 5 powerhead online via

Aquarium pumps can also come in the form of statues and maybe even pirates to make your home aquarium look even better! These pumps are expensive but worth installing in the aquarium and easily accessible. When buying a pump, make sure that the pipe is made of special plastic.

Some plastics begin to fade and can even react when exposed to water at certain temperatures. Make sure the paint (if it sticks to the statue or pipe) is non-toxic. They are very important in keeping fish healthy.

Aquarium pumps, while expensive, are easy to buy. Pumps can be designed for decorative purposes and to produce oxygen. Some fish, such as cichlids, do not like too many bubbles around them, as most fish and pumps can be used as decoration in a glass tank.

When buying a pump for your aquarium, make sure you receive not only the statue but also a suitable free hose and socket. Aquariums use a lot of energy and this will help keep your electricity bill green.