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All about Airport Taxi Service

Taxis operate in a unique manner from one country to the next. Taxis will often be seen at airports in a line and loading from the front. Taxis can range from nearly any car made and can sometimes be very costly. 

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In many European cities, it is common to see Mercedes Benz taxis. A taxi may not be the best option depending on the location of the airport. For example, in Milan, they offered shuttle buses to get from the Milan train station to Malpensa Airport. 

This was because it was too far for regular travelers to take a taxi from Milan city center to the airport.

Taxicabs are well-suited for these situations. Many cities have the luxury to have their airport located close to everything. This can be a costly way to travel, however, as these taxicabs are usually charged per mile. 

Many travelers depend on taxi services for transportation in small countries that don't have access to subways, trains, or shuttle buses. Airport taxis in some countries, such as Jamaica, usually charge a fixed price. 

You can negotiate with Jamaica's airport taxi drivers for a lower price, just like in other countries. Because Jamaica is dependent on tourism, you can expect to receive royal treatment. Jamaican taxis sport a red license plate beginning with the letter "P". 

Taxis in Jamaica don't have a taxi sign at the top, as is the case in many other countries. Observing the license plate will usually tell the difference between a taxi and a private vehicle.