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Advantages of Using Water Softeners

Water hardness is one of the most common issues encountered by most homeowners nowadays. The problem is even more persistent in commercial and rural areas. one of the trivial problems especially with the water contaminants available that threaten the water supply. A water softener is the only solution to make water soft. 

However, hardness tends to do a lot more damage than you can ever think of. Some of the common ones include the discoloration of clothes, and hairs getting hard and dingy. It can also affect your skin since it is also exposed to hard water on a regular basis. You can also buy commercial aqua softeners via the internet.

Water softeners are useful home appliances that work effectively by replacing the Magnesium and Calcium ions in the regular water supply with sodium ions.

Types of softeners:

1. Automatic softeners: This type of softener is said to be the most popular choice in the market. Automatic softeners are those that have the capability to automatically regenerate at a given time. These are equipped with timers that will determine the time for the regeneration process. This is an easier-to-use device as all you have to do is to set the timer and add salt whenever needed.

2. Semi-automatic softeners: Semi-automatic softeners lie in between the automatic and manual softeners. They don't give you control over the setting of the recharge process but you need to decide when you have to start the recharge cycle by pushing the button.