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4 Important Things You Need To Do After Your Wedding In Newport

The big day has been and gone, but don’t worry – the wedding fun isn’t over just yet! There are a few key things you’ll want to action after your wedding before you jet off to that tropical honeymoon.

From sending thank you notes to sharing photos and preserving your flowers, make sure you add these essential things to your post-wedding task list. However, for the planning of your dream wedding, you can hire wedding planners from

Send Thank You Notes

Remember, your friends and family may have traveled or made special arrangements to celebrate with you, along with contributing to your wishing well or presenting you with a gift. So be sure to share your appreciation with a heartfelt thank you note after the day!

Clean Your Wedding Attire

Maintain the condition of your wedding attire by having your dress and suit professionally cleaned as soon as possible after the day. The longer you wait, the more stubborn any marks or stains will become, so get this one actioned ASAP! 

Preserve (Or Donate) Your Wedding Flowers

With all of the love, care (and costs!) that went into creating your wedding flowers, it would be a shame for them to go neglected after the day. Create a memorable keepsake by preserving your flowers in a book or frame – or, consider donating them to a local nursing home, hospital, or charity as a small act of kindness.

Write Reviews For Vendors

Testimonials and reviews are incredibly valuable for vendors in the wedding industry, so don’t forget to share the love with your hard-working team after the day! Writing reviews on Google and Facebook will not only give your vendors all of the warm fuzzies but will also help them continue to grow their business.